Question about some words in Korean Hello, I come back here to have some clarification on some words, Under what conditions should I use 감사했어요? There are so many ways to say 'thank you' in Korean, and I heard that one by chance in a drama, so I would like to know more. And also, sorry to ask two different questions in one post, but I have another question about time in Korean. I know the weather, the days of the week, and the months but I would like to know how to say that → -Tomorrow -After tomorrow -Yesterday -Before yesterday -There are (number) days -In (number) week -In (number) months That is all. Thank you for your help. ☺
Nov 20, 2017 9:01 PM
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1. 감사했어요/감사했습니다 It's similar to "감사합니다/고마워요" but that has past tense, so it means "it was thankful." If there is someone you wanted to thank for before, then you can use this. 2. Words 1) tomorrow: 내일 2) after tomorrow: 모레 3) yesterday: 어제 4) before yesterday: 아레 5) there are n days: n일 (one days: 1일, two days: 2일) There are some special native expressions if it is one~ten days: 하루 (one day) 이틀 (two days) 사흘 (three days) 나흘 (four days) 닷새 (five days) 엿새 (six days) 이레/일주일 (seven days) 여드레 (eight days) 아흐레 (nine days) 열흘 (ten days) 스무날 (twenty days) There are also 열하루 (eleven days)~열아흐레 (nineteen days), but these are seldom used nowdays. 6) in n week: n주일 뒤에/n주 뒤에 (in four weeks: 4주 뒤에. This 4 is a Sino-Korean numbern so you have to read it [사], not [네]. Also, Sino-Korean numbers are usually written in Arabic number, so "사 주 뒤에" is rarely used.) 7) in n month: n달 뒤에 (in four month: 4달 뒤에/네 달 뒤에. As you can see, this 4 is a native Korean number, so you can write it as both 4 and 네, and the sound is also [네].) You may already know this: Sino-Korean number system is usually used with Sino-Korean counting words, and native Korean numbers are usually used with native counting numbers. But I think how to distinguish them can be hard to foreigners. Hope it helps. :)
November 20, 2017
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