when i want to use more than two verbs in a sentence? like " i think drawing is fun " or " i like going out and taking long walks " etc
Nov 21, 2017 5:00 PM
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1. I think drawing is fun. →그림 그리는 건 재밌다고 봐. '-ing' of English is similar to '-기' and '-ㄴ 것' of Korean. '그리는 건' is the shortened form of '그리는 것은' as an oral speech. 'I think' can be translated into '-다고 보다', '-다고 생각하다', '-ㄴ 것 같다', '-ㄴ 듯하다', etc. 2. I like going out and taking long walks. →나는 밖에 나가 오래 걷는 걸 좋아한다. One of ways conjugating as AND is by '-아/어' form of the verb in Korean. '나가다' with the form is '나가,' so you can use like that. 'taking long walks' can be changed '오래 걷는 것' as the first sentence. '걸' is the shortened form of '것을.'
November 23, 2017
Example) 1. I think, Drawing is fun. -->내 생각에는, (그림)그리는 것은 재미있어. Draw: (그림) 그리다. Drawing(gerund): (그림)그리는 것 2. I like going out and taking long walk. -->나는 밖에 나가서 오래 걷는 것을 좋아해. Take long walk: 오래 걷다. Taking long walk: 오래 걷는것 -------------------------------- When you make gerund clause, You should make like below. --> Gerund (은/는) 것은 verb.
November 22, 2017
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November 21, 2017
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