Questions about the song ديناصور (II) Hi, some more questions... I think this is the hardest song I found so far! Many thanks! 8. آخر كلمه قالها لي بحسره و تحفظ شديد I can't make out what تحفظ means 9. اجري ياد (ياض) من هنا روح العب بعيد I cant't understand what ياد orياض mean 10. نفس النفاق نفس الفساد نفس الغباء والهبل What does الهبل mean? 11. على قفانا بياكلو عيش I can't understand that sentence it would seem like ...who stops us from eating bread? 12. واللي يطبل يعيش and the one responsible lives, but shouldn't it be يبطل؟ 13. هو نفس الإستكش بيتعاد Is الإستكش scenario? and يتعاد means to repeat, right? Many thanks!!!!!
Nov 21, 2017 9:17 PM
Answers · 4
MY god i lovvee that song although there are few words i didnt get their meaning but the ones you asked about here is what im sure they mean تحفظ is like when u dont want to say something , i think its equivalent to (reserved in English) for Example = انا اتحفظ عن الخوض في التفاصيل i dont want to talk in details Yadh, means boy in Egyptian's slang which is short of ولد ( ياولد= يااد)ا Habal means stupidity على قفانا بياكلو عيش its a metaphor meaning that someone is taking advantage of someone else's misery or like when someone works hard and the credit goes to someone else in this song he is referring to media representatives who speak in the name of the nation regardless of the nation's needs الي يطبل يعيش whoever compliment things even if he didnt agree with , just to satisfy people, like when the employee compliments the boss just because he is afraid he fires him يطبل تطبيل literally means using drums (drumming) , so people who compliment their bosses are like drumming to please them yes skitch means scenario and he means that same things are repeated all the the times good choice man, this band is amazing i recommend to u their song ( كل حاجة بتعدي )
November 21, 2017
have reservations = تحفظ Boy = ياد أو ياض stupid = الهبل These earned by our hard work = على قفانا بياكلو عيش Who's cant = يطبل Sketch or The way = الإستكش Redoes = يتعاد
November 26, 2017
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