How do you translate '잘 빠진 갓 쓰고' in english? Hello, please help me.. How do you translate these sentences ? like i know the meaning but i can't put it in words.. '잘 빠진 갓 쓰고' '널 막 패' and what does '비아냥' mean? as long as i know it can be 'criticism' but i'm not sure thank you :)
Nov 22, 2017 2:13 AM
Answers · 2
I am korean and have lived here for 19 years, graduate elementary , middle in korea.(now i am high school student) But '널 막 패' I haven't seen this word.. haha (너를 막 팬다는 뜻인가... 다른 한국인분들 이 단어 아세요?) And '잘 빠진 갓 쓰고' this expression isn't used these days actually. You'd better to say"옷을 잘 차려입고" 옷을 잘 차려입고 여자친구와 놀이공원에 갔다. '비아냥' means 'tease' or 'provoke' 비아냥 거리다. 그래도 국어 모의고사 1등급 나오는 토종 한국인 모범생이었습니다. 감사합니다^^
November 22, 2017
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