corie smitha
How do you say "where is the bathroom" and "i need to ise the bathroom"
Nov 22, 2017 4:55 AM
Answers · 4
where is the bathroom? : 화장실 어디있나요? i need to use the bathroom : 화장실 가고싶어요(화장실에 가야해요) so if you need to use the bathroom, you can say "where is the bathroom(or toilet)?"
November 22, 2017
Where is the bathroom is: 화장실 어디있어? Or (저는) 화장실 어디있어요? I need to use the bathroom is: 저는 화장실에 갈 필요가 있어요./ 저는 화장실에 갈 필요해요. Or 나는 화장실 갈 필요해 Depending on how respectful you want to be
November 22, 2017
욕실이 어디예요? (Where is the bathroom?) 욕실 쓰고 싶어요/화장실 써야 해요. (I need to use the bathroom.) 욕실 means bathroom, but Korean houses nornally contain a loo in the bathroom, so you can say 화장실 instead. But when you mean only BATH not LOO, then you have to use 욕실.
November 23, 2017
Where is the bathroom = 화장실이 어딘가요? [hwa jang sil i eo din ga yo?] I need to use the bathroom = 화장실에 가야해요. [hwa jang sil e ga ya hae yo.] Bathroom = 화장실 [hwa jang sil]
November 23, 2017
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