What does the last sentence mean? In the following paragragh describing an Indian house, what does the last sentence mean? Farzad pulled one half of the curtains aside, holding it back for me to pass. We walked on through a dark passageway and arrived at a set of folding doors. Farzad slid the panels back. I stepped through. The vast space beyond the corridor was so high that I could only vaguely make out the detail of its sunlit uppermost reaches, and the width clearly encompassed a far greater space than Farzad’s home alone. 1) Is 'The vast space beyond the corridor' the living room? 2) In 'its sunlit uppermost reaches' , does it mean the sun could reach into the house? 3) The paragragh is decribing the house of Farzad, why the 'width clearly encompassed a far greater space than Farzad’s home alone'?
Nov 23, 2017 3:48 AM
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Hello, I disagree a bit with Julie. 1. It is not clear what room it is. It could be the living room, or some other room of the house. The fact's very big. 2. A little bit. The 'uppermost reaches' means the highest parts of the room. Those were the places the sunlight was hitting. So, yes, the sun COULD reach into the house...but that isn't what 'uppermost reaches' means. 3. I would say this means that there is a part attached to Farzad's house which is bigger than the 'normal' part. Perhaps a storage room? Or an extra wing of the house you can't see from the street? Or maybe the corridor leads to another building? Perhaps though, the narrator is simply surprised by the interior of the house. The next paragraphs should tell you.
November 23, 2017
I guess the house was very big and high and there should be a big skylight in the roof of it so that when the narrator came into the house, he/she was amazed by the splendid scene: sunlight could reach inside the house; and it was not veryeasy to make out the uppermost parts of the house, bedause of its highness, although it was bright in the interior; and there you could see through the skylight a far greater space in the sky than the house alone so that you felt it open and clear. All the description is to show the bigness, highness, splendidness and comfort of the house. ---- I have never seen the house, especially the probable skylight, nor have I read the orgingal, but I think here I'd be a Holmes and am right ;) :D)
November 26, 2017
#1 Yes #2 Yes, the sunlight. #3 I think the author was just trying to describe this part of the house as really big.
November 23, 2017
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