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How to explain in a presentation what we are doing? I have to give a presentation in Spanish about a technical issue. In English I would say: "Let's create a table, now let's fill it with data.." etc. How should I formulate it in Spanish? Note that I have to repeat it many times.
Nov 23, 2017 8:00 AM
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Puedes decir: "Vamos a crear una tabla. Ahora vamos a llenarla con datos..". También puedes decir: "Creemos una tabla y posteriormente llenémosla con datos..."
November 24, 2017
Hi!! You can always say: First, we create a spreadsheet , then we fill... (Primero creamos una tabla..., luego incluimos...). Or, first, we have to create a spreadsheet (Primero, tenemos que crear una tabla...En segundo lugar/Segundo,/luego, debemos incluir....) Also, if you don't like numbers (1st, 2nd,...). You can Star with the verb (Creamos una tabla... ) Or even use 'vamos' instead of 'let's' (Vamos a crear..., luego vamos a ...)
November 23, 2017
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