Negative ideas Hi, there I really need your help with two questions. Could you help me? After "nothing", do you use "not...nor" or "neither...nor". I've seen sentences written both ways.(or should I say written THE both ways???) For example. "What comes into this world to distrub nothing merits, NEITHER attention NOR patience"... You see, this sentence has "neither...nor" in it.... ...Now: Nothing is written in the stairs, NOT these, NOR any others"? See? This one, on the other hand, has "not...nor" in it...............Which (or should I say which ONE????) is the right?... Should I say, for example, "I don't care about anyone, NOT you, NOR your brother, NOR your mother" or "I don't care about anyone, NEITHER you, NOR your mother, NOR your brother"? Please, I really need help Thank you very much!!
Nov 23, 2017 1:34 PM
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The main question above has to do with what are called "correlative conjunctions." These are constructions like, "either...or," "neither...nor," "both...and," "whether...or," "not...but," and "not only...but also." They work together to relate one sentence element to another, such as nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, etc. Whichever of these parts of speech follows the first conjunction, the same part of speech must follow the second one. This results in the sentence being parallel. In the question you posted, "Not...nor" should be changed to "neither...nor." After you have begun a list of relatable things using the "neither...nor" construction, you can omit "neither" and just use "nor" for the remaining comparisons in the sentence, but this should be done only in informal contexts.
November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
Please, I really need help with this
November 23, 2017
Could someone help me? Please....
November 23, 2017
November 23, 2017
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