Confused by some lines from a sitcom. I was watching an old sitcom called The Golden Girls and there are some lines I can't understand. 1. Dorothy:It's very sweet of you to give up your Saturday to help with this fundraiser. Little Girl:That's what being a Sunshine Cadet is all about. Blanche:I know, I so admire your motto: "Spread it around." Dorothy:That's sunshine, Blanche. "Spread sunshine around." What does "spread it around" mean? 2. Rose:I once had an Uncle Jake. Of course, he could never cook. He also could never get through our 4th of July picnics without unzipping his overalls. What does Rose mean?
Nov 23, 2017 4:43 PM
Answers · 3
I think these are both rather unsophisticated sexual jokes. [I'd have to watch the episodes to be sure.] 1) It means, "share it with others so that it grows." So the joke was a sexual innuendo. The sunshine club's motto means, "share happiness [sunshine] with others." The joke is that Blanche is promiscuous. The "it" that she wants to spread around is, well, sex. 2) this again probably another sexual innuendo. Specifically, that the uncle would expose himself. There are a lot of jokes in English about a "strange uncle" who behaves inappropriately at family functions. However, it could be more innocent. There are also a lot of jokes about unbuttoning one's pants after a big holiday meal. So maybe she is saying that even though he didn't bring anything to the party, he ate so much he had to loosen his clothing. Sorry to have to be bearer of bad news. But this might just be really juvenile, and not very funny, attempts at humor.
November 23, 2017
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