Preposition usage and other differences between Common and Standard Czech In Moravia, k jídlu becomes na jídlo. Are there any such preposition changes in Common Czech? More generally, what is different between Common and Standard Czech?
Nov 23, 2017 7:24 PM
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Hi Jeffrey, I think the definition of 'Common' Czech, as you are referring it in your question, is kind of tricky to explain. Lets say there isn't one clear definition of a 'common' czech. In my opinion it always depends on which part of the Czech Republic the native person comes from. As you probably know the Czech Republic has its border with 4 different countries speaking 3 different languages. That's why it has a lot of dialects and it also can happen that a person from the west part of the Czech Rep. commonly uses some phrases which a person form the east part would never say. Example: 'Where are you from?' Translation: "Odkud jsi?" (Standard Czech) Different variations "Zkama si?" "Zkuď jsi?" "Vodkaď seš?" I don't know which level of Czech currently are you, however my advice is - don't worry about it! Keep up with the standard Czech which you can find/hear in language books, TV, newspapers... and you are all good :) Good luck!
November 28, 2017
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