What's the difference in these sentence? It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place. It just takes time to adpat to a new place. What's the difference? Thanks a lot.
Nov 24, 2017 7:13 AM
Answers · 3
To feel comfortable in a place means you feel 'at home' there. You are emotionally content and satisfied because you are used to it. To adapt to a place means to get to know how it works and how you must behave there. 'Adapt' has no emotional quality. Both of these sentences describe the same idea, but the first one has an emotional quality that the second one is missing.
November 24, 2017
If you adapt to a new place, one of the consequences is that you then feel comfortable.
November 24, 2017
In this case, they both mean the same thing.
November 24, 2017
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