Confused by some lines from a film. I watched a old British film and there's some lines I can't understand. This conversation happens in a company meeting. Boss:So you're all agreed for once, are you? I'm to become a public company. A:We must re- open negotiations with Hethersett Mills immediately. Boss:Hethersett wears a trust belt.(what does the “wear a trust belt” mean?) B:At the moment, Hethersett yields six pounds one shilling. The dividend twice covered. Boss:Young man, whilst you were still taking suck, I was out there up to my ass in wool.(what does the "take suck" and "up to my ass" mean?) B:I was a bottle- baby, sir.(why did he answer this?)
Nov 24, 2017 9:18 AM
Answers · 2
no real idea about the Trust Belt but probably something to do with being a very secure investment (with a joke towards "truss belt" which was an external device to help with hernias which were a source of humour at that time !!!!) take suck= being a baby and sucking at his mother's breasts. (the joke being that he drank from a bottle of milk) up to my ass in wool= working hard in the business (that happened to a wool merchants so the joke is that it is hard work being in a soft environment)
November 24, 2017
English is my native tongue and I don't even know this means. Maybe someone from the UK might know this slang.
November 24, 2017
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