can enlist be used as 'ask for help ' like can I enlist some help before the test ? I don't know anyone here so I cant enlist any help
Nov 24, 2017 2:54 PM
Answers · 3
Enlist is most often used as a military term of employment. However, it can be used in asking for help from someone. Example: "A company can enlist the help of independent consultants" It means: to engage someone into helping you. Also, it can mean "to hire". Yes, you can use enlist this way, although it is not common.
November 24, 2017
Yes and no. It can mean "to ask for help," but it doesn't really mean "ask," it means something in between "ask" and "command." To "enlist" is not quite a joke, but it is somewhat figurative language. It carries the idea of someone in a position of authority, such as in the military, enrolling people or putting them on a list... assigning a group of people to a task. It carries an idea of commanding or ordering people to do something. In everyday life, it applies to situations where someone can't really give commands, but is trying to urge people to take on a task. There are a number of similar expressions. Let's say there's been a group picnic and there is a certain amount of trash or litter on the ground. The leader might say, "Before everybody leaves, I'd like to enlist some help in picking up the trash," or "I'd like to corral a few people to help pick up the trash," or "I need to grab a few people to help pick up the trash."
November 24, 2017
it cannot be used with the same meaning enlist - is most often used for a job the navy enlisted the soldiers help - can be any type of assistance i helped my brother
November 24, 2017
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