What's it mean? "Twirl the lock"
Nov 24, 2017 3:31 PM
Answers · 3
It could be "a lock of hair." "Lock" has many meanings. The commonest is a machine, operated by a key, that holds a door closed. But it can also mean "a curl of hair." And it can also mean part of a gun. And it can also mean the place in a canal where a boat is raised or lowered to a different level. "Twirling" a lock of hair would be twisting and untwisting it, wrapping it around your finger, and so forth. Alexandra, in your picture, it looks as if you might be twirling a lock of your own hair!
November 25, 2017
I have NEVER heard that phrase before. Was it in a sentence like 'he twirled the lock in his hands?' What was the context?
November 24, 2017
It means : unlock a lock by turning the lock around with a key
November 24, 2017
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