Do you see a/the woman in a black dress? Hello, everyone! I'm reading a book to my daughter. We are looking at a picture and I see a woman in a black dress. I want my daughter to find her, so I ask: do you see a woman in a black dress? But I'm not sure about the article before "woman". The or a? The same: Do you see a cat lying on a bench? "The bench" if there is only one bench in the picture? Do you see a bird sitting in a tree? Etc. Thank you very much!
Nov 25, 2017 3:00 AM
Answers · 2
"the" definite article. "a" indefinite article. . So do you mean THIS one, this definite one that is there, or do you mean any one, any woman in a dress? . In this case, it seems you could use either, almost without change in meaning. . Do you see a woman in a dress? - Maybe the page has 3 such & you want her to find one. Do you see the woman in the dress? - There must be one that you are referring to. So, maybe only one is there to be found. Otherwise you;d have to say something else to tell her which ONE you mean. Do you see THE woman in the dress, on the left, right, &c. ? Do you see a cat on a bench? - potentially many cats on many benches - choose one, any one Do you see the cat on the bench? - indicates a definite one, THAT one. So probably only one to be found. Get me a plate from the cupboard. - any plate, which cupboard is understood from context in some way. same as get me any plate from the cupboard. Get me the large plate form the cupboard. - There must be one definite plate that will be recognised as "the large plate".
November 25, 2017
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