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what "time concern" means here? We’ve covered Plath’s work and legacy in other contexts, too, like the forty-voice fiftieth-anniversary celebration of her book Ariel at London’s Southbank Centre, the auctioning of a rare galley of The Bell Jar, the _time concern_ over her abusive relationship with husband Ted Hughes appeared to underlie a decision by Hughes’s second wife (and widow) to rescind permission she had granted a biographer to consult his journals. Hi, everyone. Would you tell me what "time concern" means here? Thank you.
Nov 25, 2017 3:07 AM
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I think that the phrase should be "the time that concern over her abusive relationship..." The statement then becomes a description of the particular event, which is a period of time when Hughes' second wife decided to reverse a decision she had made regarding Hughes' journals, due to Mrs. Hughes' concerns about the abusive nature of Ted Hughes' relationship with Sylvia Plath during the period that Hughes was married to Sylvia Plath, which presumably she felt would reflect badly on Ted Hughes.
November 25, 2017
To be concerned about the passing of time. Not familiar with this work, so sorry, cannot guess what the nature of it was. Generally it is that something that cannot be delayed, or delayed too much, for some reason, causes a concern, hence a need to act relatively quickly. Perhaps someone had to not remain in an abusive relationship too long?
November 25, 2017
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