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Can anyone tell me specific problems that they have had with Syntax or grammar in English or Spanish Is there any way that you could tell me some of the basic struggles that you have had in English Grammar and English Syntax? I need to know for my ESL project. I need specific examples so that I can include it in my project for a class. For the project I am studying the difficulties of learning Spanish and English primarily through Syntax but also with grammar.
Nov 27, 2017 12:18 AM
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Here are the common mistakes of my Spanish-speaking correspondents: 1. adverbs in the wrong place. 'I have seen a lot this problem' or 'I want to speak fluently English' . 2. forgetting to put in the pronoun... is nice, yes? Is raining, today. Are good ideas! 3. 'The' in English is used a lot less frequently than in Spanish, so it's difficult for them to leave it out when talking about a general idea. 'As in: The life is hard and the death comes soon'. 4. If they don't watch it, adjectives get pluralized: many larges chairs, two cutes dogs, my basics errors. Those would be the ones from off the top of my head. (For learning Spanish, it's the dreaded estar/ser and por/para monster, and all the multiple 'que'-s all over the place and the subjunctive)
November 27, 2017
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