pressent perfect I need help about using of : even, ever, never .
Nov 27, 2017 4:33 PM
Answers · 4
Uhh, let me see how I can help you out. even "Even if I am used to the warm climate, I still get very uncomfortable during summer." ever "If ever I get used to the warm climate, I might still get uncomfortable during summer." never "I never liked summer; I prefer winter."
November 27, 2017
Hello Hassan, We use 'ever' and 'never' in the present perfect to talk about things you have/haven't done in your lifetime. These two are fairly common. 'Ever' is used in questions - Have you ever been to Paris? 'Never (=not ever) is used in negative statements - I have never eaten sushi. 'Even' is used to add some new or interesting information to an answer. "I have never eaten sushi, I have never even been to Japan.", or with positive forms too. "I have been to Paris, I have even eaten croissants in Paris." Hope this helps Bob
November 27, 2017
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