Question (please) Hi, there Could you help me? 1) What do you call a person who can't stand walking barefoot or getting dirty, never eats (not even pizza) with his hands, etc? Could you say "fussy", or "squeamish"? Posh? 2)Could I use "make" in these sentences? or "Today is..."? Let us say two people are talking and one says "Are you going to kick me out just because I am two months late on the rent." And the other one replies: "Today makes (it) three or "Today is three"? Couldn't you say any of them?... Thank you very much!
Nov 27, 2017 10:33 PM
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Hello! For your first scenario, I think it mainly depends on the reason as to why someone feels/acts the way they do. Posh: "Mr. Mason is just as posh as ever. He claims he needs the most expensive utensils to eat and refuses to go barefoot on any floor that is not of good quality wood." Squeamish: "Kelly couldn't stand walking barefoot on any surface that is dirty. Just the thought of dirt, dust, and anything gross between her toes made her feel nauseous!" Fussy: "Bonnie's son was extremely fussy about his food. He wouldn't eat anything that wasn't salty or that was any color he didn't like. What a picky child!" There are many different words you can use depending on information given about the person. For your second question, the first one makes a bit more sense (Today makes it three). Person #1: "You're kicking me out because I am two months behind on rent?" Person #2: "Well, today makes that three months, so thanks for reminding me!" Sounds good to me!
November 27, 2017
November 27, 2017
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