Questions Barbie looked up. Falling from the sky was a squashed Bizarro World version of the pretty little airplane that had passed over him seconds before. Twisting orange-red petals of fire hung above it in the air, a flower that was still opening, an American Disaster rose. Smoke billowed from the plummeting plane. Question 1: In this case, what's the meaning of 'Bizarro World version'? Question 2: What's the meaning of 'American Disaster rose'?
Nov 28, 2017 12:57 PM
Answers · 2
Were these word capitalized in the original text? If so, they are not proper nouns that I recognize. Capitalizing these words confuses rather than clarifies the meanings. Bizarro world (slang) - refers to a world in which things are crazy or bizarre. American disaster rose - refers back to the flower-shaped fire petals of the plane explosion. "American disaster" refers to the numerous disaster films made in Hollywood during the 1980s and beyond.
November 28, 2017
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