English question Hi, there Could you help me? 1) Do you say "On", "in" of "at" in these two sentences "The battle/expedition took place in/on the Pacific Ocean" "We are going to fish at/on/in Bufallo National River" 2) Does it sound odd to use the verb do in these two sentences: (a brother to sister): "Don't do(pull) mom and tell me what to do"(can you use do/pull to mean "act like"? "T Mobile does (provides) phone and Internet" Please.
Nov 29, 2017 1:43 AM
Answers · 6
1) "The battle took place *in* the Pacific Ocean." You're treating the ocean like a location, so it is no different than saying "The battle took place in England." However, you say either "We are going to fish *in/on* the river". There isn't a huge difference but to me "fishing in" emphasizes the actual body of water while "fishing on" emphasizes the actual act of fishing. 2) You would have to say "Don't pull *a* mom and tell me what to do." But "pull a" can be used to mean "act like" or "imitate". 2.5) "T-mobile does *provide* phone and internet service". Because you already conjugated "does", you don't need to conjugate "provide" as well.
November 29, 2017
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