What's the difference between 探検 and 遠征? Is this the same as the English difference between exploration and expedition? 探検 (exploration) is a journey to an unknown place to learn about it while an expedition 遠征 is a journey to a known place organized by someone important with the purpose of learning more about the place or with some other purpose
Nov 29, 2017 8:13 PM
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「探検」 is an exploration but basically something you venture. 「遠征」 basically means to go(征)far(遠) In a dictionary for 「遠征」: A) An expedition to chastise distant enemies.(十字軍の大遠征) B) To go far away for a game, a tour, climbing and an exploration.(サッカーの遠征試合。バンドの遠征ライブ。ヒマラヤへ遠征する) 「探検」 and 「遠征」 is nouns. By adding 「する」 following the nouns you can get verb forms: 「探検する」「遠征する」
November 30, 2017
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