which is correct: 내가 친구를 만나요 or 나는 친구를 만나요?why?
Nov 30, 2017 1:09 PM
Answers · 2
They're both correct, but it can be different from situation. 내가 친구를 만나요: lt is I who's meeting my friend./ I'm meeting my friend!(if you are exited) Or: example: mom: who is meeting friend? I: I'm meeting my friend. 나는 친구를 만나요: I meet my friend. (Maybe it could be wrong.) (Or maybe english wrong)
December 4, 2017
In general, if it is the action (친구를 만나요) which is to be emphasized, the 2nd one (나는 친구를 만나요) is used. On the other hand, if it is the subject (나) which is to be emphasized, the 1st one (내가 친구를 만나요) is used. However, if there is a comparison between subjects, e.g., 나는 친구를 만나는데 여동생은 집에서 공부해요. (Though I meet my friend, my younger sister studies at home.) "~은/는" is to be used. === 좋은 하루를 지내세요./I wish you a good day.
November 30, 2017
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