Questions about Spring a la Carte O Henry 1. Lamb, that lately capered(跳跃) on the greening hill-sides, was becoming exploited with the sauce that commemorated its gambols What kind of sauce is the article refering to? 2. The frying-pan seemed to be held, inactive, behind the beneficent bars of the broiler. Why use the word beneficent to describe the bars? And why is frying-pan kept inside the broiler? 3. the sausage, with his drapery(肠衣)wrapped about him, barely lingered in a pleasant thanatopsis(死亡) with the buckwheats(荞麦) and the sweet but doomed maple. Does "maple" indicate "maple sauce" that people probably only have in winter? 4. cats on the back fences slowly retreated toward Mukden. What does the word "Mukden" mean? 5. Sarah left Gerard and Denys(heroes in a book) treed by a bear and listened.... Sarah jumped for her door, leaving the book on the floor and the first round easily the bear’s. What does"the first round easily the bears"mean? Thank you very much
Dec 1, 2017 1:49 PM