a different distribution of sexual difference Can any body explain what "Chinese society then evidences not a simple repression of a sexual difference, but a different distribution of sexual difference" means? Text: Kristeva points out that, in China, there is little difference between men and women in terms of their behavior in many aspects of everyday life. Trinh finds Kristeva’s surface observations about the relationship between genders in Chinese society useful. Kristeva notes that Chinese society then evidences “not a simple repression of a sexual difference, but a different distribution of sexual difference”; Trinh agrees that this difference between genders is a matter that is constantly contested or renegotiated in Chinese society. Again in agreement with Kristeva, Trinh argues that the constant challenging of difference that Kristeva observed in the “Third World” makes it impossible to set into place sexist “power-based values” supportive of patriarchal privilege there, or to solidify an “authority-based subject.”
Dec 3, 2017 11:38 AM
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I'd say that means:: it is not that there is NO difference made between men and women in China (or that no difference is made) ....simply that the differences are not the typical ones we see in other cultures. The Chinese do it differently. This makes it difficult (or even impossible) to apply established ideas about gender relations to Chinese society.
December 3, 2017
Yes, I'd say that's the general meaning of the next sentence. The word 'contested' means 'questioned'. That would mean the Chinese are always questioning and redefining gender differences. (So, yes dialog is going on) The differences are not "set in stone" or accepted stereotypes. But I would say that 'suffers from' (a very negative term) is the opposite of what is being said here. It seems to me like she is saying 'They are so different, we almost need new terms to talk about them'.
December 3, 2017
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