does this paragraph have mistakes? Pharmacy Management System (PMS) Any manual system is full of a lot of paper works, records, and reports that make the work more complicated so a software system is required. A Pharmacy Management System (PMS) makes it easier for pharmacy manager to be more able to manage and control their pharmacy. The system facilitates accessibility of drugs' information for the doctors and minimizes human errors in medication safety. The system helps pharmacists to manage drugs information and selling. It also enables pharmacy customers to order whatever they need from pharmacy online with just a few clicks by their free accounts. 1.2 Scope of Project: PMS is designed for facilitate managing a pharmacy by making managers more able to: 1. Manage pharmacists accounts. 2. Generate reports on the movement of drugs. 3. Generate financial reports. For doctors, PMS enable them to: 1. Search for drugs. 2. Make prescriptions for patients. 3. Check for drug interactions and contradictions. 4. make a payment.
Dec 3, 2017 7:06 PM
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Yes, it has. Minor ones. If you post it on the NOTEBOOK page it would be easier for someone to correct.
December 3, 2017
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