The meaning of 단소리 What's the meaning of 섹시단소리 and 귀엽단소리? I guess it's probably "being called sexy" and "being called cute", but I'm not that sure
Dec 4, 2017 5:50 PM
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단소리 is not an independent phrase. - it is just the ending of the construct "-단(verb ending) + 소리(n)". You need to understand how the whole phrase is constructed. For example 귀엽단 소리 is constructed like this. - 귀엽다 = "(it/someone) is cute" (a plain statement). E.g. 이 강아지는 귀엽다 (This puppy is cute). - 귀엽다고 (말)한다 = (They/someone) say (it is) cute (reported speech). - 귀엽다고 하는 소리 = 귀엽다고 하는 (adjectival form) + 소리(comment) => a comment saying (it is / they are) cute. - 귀엽다는 소리 = contraction of the above (-다고 하는 -> -다는). - 귀엽단 소리 = further contraction (다는 -> 단). You can use this reported speech form -단 or -다는 with nouns like 소리, 말, 소식(news), 불평(complaint), etc. - 섹시하단 소리(섹시단 is wrong because the base word is 섹시하다) = a comment that (you're) sexy. - 사랑한단 말 = the word that (someone) loves (someone). - 우리가 이겼다는 소식 = news that we won. - 물건이 너무 비싸다는 불평 = complaints that the items are too expensive.
December 4, 2017
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