Which one is correct to indicate that the real name and what it is called by people are different? That place is Chehel Sotoun Pavilion but it's famous ( to / as / of ) Kolah Farangi Pavilion.
Dec 6, 2017 4:35 AM
Answers · 4
"better known as"
December 6, 2017
Well, if Chehel Sotoun Pavilion is the real name, but people usually refer to it as Kolah Farangi Pavilion, then you could write it like this: ''That place is called Chehel Sotoun Pavilion but it's known as Kolah Farangi Pavilion.'' I believe it sounds better this way!
December 6, 2017
The real name is Chehel Sotoun Pavilion. I wanna know if it is possible to use the word "famous" somehow or not?
December 6, 2017
can you tell me which one is the real one
December 6, 2017
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