What does mean 생일 축하하네 ? What does mean 생일 축하하네 ? Under what conditions should I use it because there are many ways to say 'Happy Birthday' in Korean ..??
Dec 6, 2017 3:06 PM
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"Happy birthday to you" in Korean evolves around "생일 축하해요". The 해요 part is a sentence ending form which can vary depending on how formal, respectul or other things you want to make it. These four are the most common endings in any situation ('*' marks the the most widely used ones). * 생일 축하해. To friends or anyone younger, like nephews, nieces, etc. - 생일 축하한다. Similar, but sounds less friendly and more masculine. Most common betweeen male friends. * 생일 축하해요[or 축하드려요]. To adults outside of your inner circle (드려요is more respectful than 해요). - 생일 축하합니다[축하드립니다][. A bit more formal than 축하해요. 하네 in 생일 축하하네 is one of the less common, traditional sentence endings, many of which seem to be dying out now. -네 is an ending used mostly by men to a male friend or other younger men. It sounds authoritative and has a reassuring quality (it is a different one from -네 which expresses a surprise), but it seems to be rare to hear it nowadays. 축하하오 is another old-fashioned one barely surviving among the older generation.
December 6, 2017
in my opinion. . . 1. if u have a father-in-law, you could hear like that on ur birthday. or ur boss. . ur seniors at work can say like that. as u can see the elders express like that way. 2. old- fashioned expression between close relationships in which aged men. probably over late 40's ^^;
December 7, 2017
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