腐败和贪污的区别? 这两个词有什么区别而形容什么不同的行为?
Dec 7, 2017 12:32 AM
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贪污 - action of stealing, usually for the purpose of fulfilling desires rather than basic needs 腐败 - Rotten, most commonly used to refer to the state of foods; it can also refer to a malfunctioning government with the politicians that deceive and unwilling to work for the benefits of civilians
December 7, 2017
贪污 is surely some kind of 腐败. But 腐败 is not necessarily 贪污. 腐败 is a state or status which is literally and originally used to describe a rotten object, while 贪污 is a behavior that shows the subject's greed for the money from people. FYO, fǔ bài 1.物体腐烂,尤指 有机体 腐烂;也可指文章内容陈腐 2.行为堕落的 3.[制度、组织、机构、措施等]混乱、黑暗 tān wū 利用职权非法取得钱财
December 10, 2017
腐败 means the status of chaos, disfunction, and evil of an organization. 贪污 means that someone illegally obtaining any properties (money, jewellery, land, house......) by using his/her authority. 贪污 is a major form of 腐败.
December 8, 2017
Magnus! 感谢你的帮助,讲得特别清楚,明白了 :) What a small world, hope you've been doing well mate! 下次李李,我和你都一定去吃个饭吧!
December 8, 2017
Holy molly! Dom is that you? Liam was talking about you the other day hahaha. What a small world! Anyway, 腐败 is often used as an adjective, meaning corrupted. For example: 这个组织很腐败 (This organisation is very corrupted). 贪污 is more of a verb, which means to receive bribery. For example, 他贪污受贿 (He receives bravery.)
December 7, 2017
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