A:Excuse me ,grandpa!! A:Is it true when we get old, imagine the world black and white? could u guys correct my mistakes in the below text? A:Excuse me ,grandpa!! A:Is it true when we get old, imagine the world black and white? A:Could u please (would u do me a favor) roll the window down? A:The human problem is in (with) commnunication And there has been always a stuff(thing) which separate them  A:Black and white.... B:Who is the black and white? A:Life(living), and all things B:It (life) has also color a lot B:Do u have any vision problem? [emoji](do u have any problem with ur eyes) A:Why dose pepole get old(grown old)? A: havent yet gone in class one (in elementry school), we have to jump in the last ages of living A: you are kind of my own older version B: you looking for what, young A: in blink of an eye (in a flash) , we have to expect(for death) A: what can i do ? A: it's tragic B:did you read book a lot? A:why human has questions a lot , then when it comes to get their questions? B: what happend with ur hand? A: it is also a big question A: why we are  fragile(breakable) A: why we were not send as pakaged and write on us"it is fragile, take them with caution(care)
Jan 29, 2018 8:28 PM
Answers · 3
I will work just the first line, as the text is quite long, somebody else will go along at their own pace, I imagine. Line 1: Would you guys, please ...
January 29, 2018
oh sorry younis i dont know how to correct them
January 31, 2018
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