나로 - what's the meaning? what does 나로 mean? form what the translator says it just means 'me' but 나 on its own means 'me' as well. so what's the difference between these two? i'd be thankful if someone could explain the grammar as well. thank you.
Jun 3, 2018 12:07 PM
Answers · 2
나로, which is 나(me) + (으)로 (to, for, with), is not used very often, so we need to see the whole phrase. You might say something like 당신의 선택을 나로 해 주세요 (Make your choice me, please), but it's a rare kind of sentence. We are more likely to say 나를 선택해 주세요 - Please choose me. 나로 can also appear as part of some other expressions, as in - 나로 인하여/말미암아 - on account of me, because of me. - 나로 하여금 - causing me (to do something, to end up certain way). - 나로 말하자면 - speaking of myself. 인하여, 말미암아, 하여금 are all rather formal sounding phrases not used much in conversation.
June 3, 2018
Please provide the full sentence which contains that phrase.
June 3, 2018
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