I am an ex-employee or I was an ex-employee? which is correct? Hi friends, Which is correct? am or was? 1. I am an ex-employee of your company. 2. I was an ex-employee of your company. Thanks in advance. Niwantha
Aug 21, 2018 4:54 AM
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Hi Niwantha, A good guide would be to ask yourself WHO the phrase "an ex-employee of your company" is referring to. Answer: "I". Next, are you currently still an ex-employee (meaning that you are currently not paid by your ex-company for any work performed)? Answer: Yes. In this case, you should use the present tense "am" to describe your current state to someone else who is a current employee of your previous company. "I am an ex-employee of your company." Just as a side discussion: When do we use the past tense? (1) Somehow, circumstances have led you back to your previous company for employment, and you are not considered an ex-employee anymore. (2) Perhaps you are describing someone who left his or her ex-company and is not longer alive. Example: John was an ex-employee of your company. Reference URL: This is a news article from Ghana. The title states "I Am An Ex-Convict, Accept Me." Again, we are referring to people who are ex-convicts, are released from prison and still alive to share their stories. I hope this helps you.
August 21, 2018
#1 is correct. You still are an ex-employee. If you join the company again, #2 will become correct.
August 21, 2018
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