Lucas Oliveira
quizá" or "quizás"? I came across a Spanish question when I was reading a text and it began with the word "quizás". However, when I was searching about it, I realized that we can also use the equivalent "quizá". The problem is that I couldn't understand when to use one or the other. If you can help me, I'd appreciate a lot. Thanks in advance. Lucas
Aug 31, 2018 2:59 PM
Answers · 5
There's no difference other than your own preference or style. As a side note, we tend to drop the final 's' in southern Spain, so we normally say 'quizá' when speaking (but either when writing).
August 31, 2018
¡Hola Lucas! Como dice Sara, son sinónimos y puedes usarlos indistintamente. Pero es frecuente usar quizá-consonante y quizás-vocal. Por ejemplo: Quizá vaya a la fiesta. Quizás aquí encuentre una respuesta.
September 3, 2018
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