Question about the different usages of 의 Lately, while studying I've realised that there are many usages of the possessive particle " 의 " and most of them are pretty hard (for me) to understand. I'll write some sentences with different usages of 의 and if you can explain the meanings to me I would be more than grateful to you! 1.민호 씨는 최고의 선생님이에요. 2.운하는 실용적 기능 이상의 여러 가지 의미를 지녔다. 3.기밀 정보를 저장할 때 사진이나 음악 등의 컴푸터 파일 속에 ... 4.또 20세기 국가 간의 전쟁 시에는... These are some of the examples in which I do not understand the usage of 의! 감사합니다!
Sep 19, 2018 7:27 PM
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It is a possessive particle. Don't think too hard it is very easy particle to understand and use. "Possessive" means that the left part is the possessor, the right part is the possessed. For instance : 저의 신발 (my shoes) The possessor is 저 (I). The possessed is 신발 (shoes). literally : the shoes of me If we take your examples : 최고의 선생님 (the best teacher) literally : the teacher of the best 사진이나 음악 등의 컴푸터 파일 (picture, music and such computer file(s)) literally : computer file(s) of picture, music and such Hope you understand the logic a bit better. 파이팅 ! :)
September 19, 2018
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