저만치, 흘끔, 빙긋 I am reading a children's book and I found this sentence which I am trying to translate '바로 저만치 소달구지 바퀴 자국에서 뒹굴고 있던 흙덩이가 곁눈질로 흘끔 쳐다보도 빙긋 웃었어요'. I can't seem to find the exact meaning of these words in the dictionary : 저만치, 흘끔, 빙긋. What are 흘끔 and 빙긋 as parts of the sentence? Can they stand for themselves in a sentence(or are they adverbs or something)?
Sep 24, 2018 8:02 PM
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All three are adverbs. * 저만치 = (way) over there (i.e. relatively far away but still in view). Similar to 저만큼 (that much/far). * 흘끔 = with a quick (sidelong) glance. * 빙긋 = chuckling lightly? (describes a light, passing smile - there seems no matching English word) (There is also 방긋 and 벙긋 which describe smiling innocently) Examples: - 발이 빠른 친구는 벌써 저만치 앞서가고 있었다. - 그는 기침 소리에 흘끔 뒤를 돌아봤다. - 선생님은 나의 대답을 들으시고는 빙긋 웃으셨다.
September 25, 2018
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