What's the difference in the meaning of the words "babe" and "baby"?
Jul 10, 2009 12:54 PM
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As a term of endearment (something one CALLS their spouse / lover), "babe" is the more modern form of "baby": "Hey, babe, do you want to do vacation in Italy this year?" You will hear people call strangers "baby" when they are trying to gain attention (like at a club, etc.): "Hey, baby -- you here with anyone tonight?" (I left out "are" on purpose, because this is how someone would say it at a club.) "How you fit in them jeans, baby?" (again, poor grammar to reflect the type of street slang that would included "baby") Those in a relationship will refer to each other as "babe" or "baby" ("baby" tends to be used by older people who grew up 30 years ago, or by people in the South of the US; rarely in the North). Typically "babe" is used ONLY between people who are already in a relationship (i.e., dating, married).
July 10, 2009
-"baby" means young child, or infant...also a young animal. -A baby can also be someone who acts like a baby. He is such a baby! -In slang, "baby" can mean girl or woman. Hey baby! -"babe" also means infant or baby. It is used less often than baby. -It can also mean someone who is inexperienced. He is a babe in the woods. -In slang, "babe" also means girl or woman, usually a sexually attractive female. She is such a babe! By the way, I like your picture. You look just like Audrey Hepburn! Денис
July 10, 2009
for the lexical or grammatical point of view, there is no difference, but pragmatically speaking, it can differe according to the person you are addressing by the nickname "babe" which referes to a person whose you have a kind of familiarity, Babe can't be use for an infant, just for means of a tender addressing
July 15, 2009
Baby is a new born or an infant by definition defined by social acceptance. It have no other meaning other than an infant. Babe is a slang. It means something, or some one similar to baby, it is necessary to be taken care by the mother or any adult with an implication of love. Babe are not limited to age. "Babe" is more frequently used by the husband calling his wife.
July 12, 2009
babe: - a baby (old use) - a word used to address a young woman, your wife, husband or lover, usually expressing affection but sometimes considered offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know. (slang) - an attractive young woman. baby: - a very young child or animal. - the youngest member of a family or group "He's the baby of the team." - a person who behaves like a young child and is easily upset. "Stop crying and don't be such a baby." - a word used to address somebody, especially your wife, husband or lover, in a way that expresses affection but that can be offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know. (slang)
July 10, 2009
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