Daniel Fantechi
why dont you give my money back if my tutor Mitch never gave me the classs? why can i blok him ? are you going to give him the money ? what am i suppossed to do cheking all along the weeik if his gonna have a problem he said he told me some days beafore i never check my classes because i already pay for them
Jun 22, 2019 6:18 PM
Answers · 3
Lessons on italki are guaranteed. Normally, you need to “report problem” on the lesson detail page within 72 hours. It doesn’t matter if he “told you” in advance — a tutor is expected to arrive on time unless the student explicitly agrees otherwise. At this point, you may want to follow Antonia’s advice and write [email protected]
June 22, 2019
You should send an email to italki support ([email protected]) explaining the situation. They will ask for screenshot evidence, then refund you your credits. Good luck :)
June 22, 2019
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