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Urgent Help: Northampton University in UK VS. South Wales University in UK , which onw ia better? Hello, friends. I am a girl who will study for top-up degree in UK this year, I know these two University are not top-ranked, the top-up year is just a Springboard for the graduate study. So, can anyone help me too make a analysis in terms of academic atmosphere, safety, city consumption, city economic development, and weather ? Thank u VERY MUCH~ It' urgent for me~
Jun 28, 2019 3:46 AM
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So, Cardiff> Northampton> Treforest in Pontpridd~ I heard that there are many Asian people especially Chinese..I have look at some videos about city scenes of Nrothampton and SouthWales..Northampton looks more modernized, and southwales is more naturally beautiful...
June 28, 2019
Just to answer your other points... City economic development - I would say there's no difference, all of the UK is well developed. There is probably more unemployment in South Wales, but not that you would notice, as a university student. Public transport in Treforest/Pontypridd could be challenging (not because of lack of development, but our public transport is privatised, so on Sunday it is not profitable for them to run services). Safety - I don't know, but neither areas are known to be dangerous. Unfortunately, Northampton and small-town South Wales were both strong Brexit-voting areas, with an anti-immigration atmosphere. I have a French friend in Northampton who finds this tough, but more because she feels really sad, and not because she feels in physical danger. As a university student, you probably will not meet these sorts of local people. Also, Chinese students are probably more welcome than Eastern European workers. Cool place to be - Cardiff definitely number one, it closest to being a real city. Northampton is a small town so ok. Treforest/Pontypridd is really small, but might be ok if the university bars are good.
June 28, 2019
Thank you, so . If I am enough lucky to be delivered to Cardiff Campus, that would be best. Otherwise, I would go to the Northampton, whatever, it is located in the England. Thank you for your kindness~
June 28, 2019
So on balance... if you LOVE hiking and outdoors, maybe South Wales. For all other things, maybe Northampton.
June 28, 2019
Outdoors activities - Northampton is in a flat part fo the country, so you could cycle round town, and the nearby countryside is rolling fields, farming areas. However, South Wales absolutely beautiful. You will be near the Brecon Beacons and Black mountains, great for hiking. The Gower near Swansea was once voted the most beautiful beach in Britain. Pembrokeshire in south-west Wales is easily as beautiful as Cornwall (but cheaper and less crowded!). So for hiking and landscape, South Wales is better. The only problem is that it might be difficult to explore these without having a car. Maybe the university has a hiking club you could join. Campus - South Wales is a campus university, so you will probably stay on campus (or nearby, it's a small village) so it would be easy to get to lectures, the library, visit friends, get to bars. I don't know about Northampton, it might be similar (it is also not a big place).
June 28, 2019
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