The difference b/w American and British... American/British: (pitcher/jug)(store/shop)(math/maths)(a box of eggs/a carton of eggs)* a packet of sugar/a sachet of sugar)(a pack of cereal/a packet of cereal) Am I correct?
Jun 30, 2019 3:05 PM
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I agree with most, but I (British) would say "a box of eggs" rather than a carton, if i had to choose. I much prefer "some eggs" and I'm sure that naturally most people would just use "some". "Can you get some eggs when you are at the shop?" sounds more natual than "Can you get a box of eggs when you are at the shop?" although they are both correct. And I'd also say "a box of cereal" unless it was only in plastic packaging, and then I'd say "a packet of cereal".
June 30, 2019
As an American, I would say eggs come in cartons and cereal comes in boxes. And jug and shop are also common and understood. Get some eggs. Get a dozen eggs. Get two dozen eggs. (Standard sizes in stores) I don’t think I would ever use box even though larger quantities like 5 dozen do come in boxes.
July 1, 2019
Thank you Blair and Hilary!
July 1, 2019
From a New Zealand perspective (British English more often than not): - Jug. (These are most commonly associated with old fashioned pubs where men would stand around and drink endless small glasses of beer. "Put the jug on" also means to boil water in a kettle. This might be because the shape of kettles has changed to look more like jugs.) - Shop. - Maths. - Packet of sugar. ('Sachet' is used for food and cooking ingredients that you just add water to.) - A box of cereal. (Generally if I asked someone to buy cereal I would be specific about the brand.) Others to discuss: Candy, lollies, sweets. Pub, bar. Restaurant, diner, eatery. Sockets, outlets, power points. Petrol, gas.
July 1, 2019
interesting comment from Stephanie about her understanding of the word 'jug'. To me (a Br/Eng speaker who grew up in England but lives in Australia) a jug is always open at the top. I don't use 'pitcher' at all - very American!
July 1, 2019
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