infiltration, subversion and dissemination Does "infiltration, subversion and dissemination" in the last line of the following context mean "intrusion into the culture and society, the reformation of the prevalent ideas, and the dispersion of new ideas"? Context: One example of a work that has a similarly moving effect is AA Bronson’s Felix, June 5th, 1994 which has been displayed as a billboard as well as in museums and galleries. Again, the subject matter and the image itself were intensely personal, showing Bronson’s partner, Felix Partz, dying from AIDS. Bronson and Partz had formed part of a group of three gay artists who had maintained a three-way partnership in both their personal and professional lives (the third member, Jorge Zontal had also died of AIDS in 1994). The three had come together in 1969 to work collaboratively as a conceptualist group, working with ideas of infiltration, subversion and dissemination and calling themselves General Idea.
Jul 3, 2019 6:55 AM
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Yes you are correct, that is what it means. I have put a link to the image for others to give their opinion of what is being said/implied or what they think may be the aim/goal/hope behind publishing the image on a billboard, because language is not a science it is subjective to each individual.
July 3, 2019
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