How useful is German in Namibia? Is it possible to survive there if you can't speak in any other language than German?
Jul 3, 2019 7:59 PM
Answers · 4
Seems that in some regions you could get around with German. Definitely a reason to think about traveling there. Afrikaans, as far as I heard, is not so difficult to learn for someone knowing German.
July 3, 2019
According to Wikipedia "German, a Germanic language, is especially widely used in central and southern Namibia and was until 1990 one of three official languages in what was then South West Africa, alongside Afrikaans and English, two other Germanic languages in Namibia. German is the main or mother tongue of about 30,000 Namibians, a number composed roughly equally of German Namibians as well as older black speakers of Namibian Black German and Namibians who as children grew up in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The German Namibian newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung on its website refers to 22,000 native speakers and of several hundred thousand who know German as a second (third etc.) language. German benefits from its similarity to Afrikaans and has a prominent position in the tourism and business sectors. Many Namibian natural features, place and street names have German names." -
July 3, 2019
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