art-engagé Does "art-engagé" in the following paragraphs mean "contributional art (engaging art)" or "artistic contribution (artistic engagement)"? Context: Importantly, Wearing’s work operates in the realm of the vernacular and touches on the commonplace and, here, Wearing’s art seems to gather some of the broader-based communicative powers of advertising which lend themselves to the production of an art-engagé, an art which, for Newman, produces a new politics for the arts, not explicitly political but nevertheless bearing a ‘strong and sympathetic political impulse’. From this vantage point, consumer advertising seems to qualify as a more socially grounded art, although it rarely carries the same sort of social and political messages of the art-engagé of the early twentieth-century avantgarde. This is left to charity advertising, social cause advertising and political advertising.
Jul 18, 2019 10:22 AM
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"art-engagé" is a term directly taken or adopted from the French language (art engagé). It means art that is used to make a social or political message. So it only means 'engaging' art in the sense that it is engaging/participating/involving itself in social or political matters.
July 18, 2019
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