이렇게 examples please! ^^
Jul 27, 2019 6:31 PM
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이렇게 = in this way; like this; this (much/many), so (much/many); - 이렇게 많은 돈을 어디서 났어? = Where did you get so/this much money? - 날씨가 이렇게 더운 적은 없었다 = The weather has never been so hot (as hot as this). - 이 문을 열려면 이걸 이렇게 누르면 돼 = You can push this thing like this to open this door. Here are the most basic 이, 저, 그 phrases. It's good to learn them together. - 이(this), 이러하다/이렇다 (a: is this way), 이러한/이런(a: this (modifier)), 이러하게/이렇게 (adv), - 저(that), 저러하다/저렇다 (a: is this way), 저러한/저런(a: that (modifier)), 저러하게/저렇게 (adv), - 그(that), 그러하다/그렇다 (a: is like so/that), 그러한/그런(a: such (modifier)), 그러하게/그렇게 (adv),
July 28, 2019
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