Some questions please 1_are the meaning of these two sentences same? 我有事来不了。==我有事不能来。 2_what does mean this sentence in English? 这么多吃对你不好。. 3_can I omitte 这么in this sentence? 这么多吃对你不好。. 4_are the meaning of 上and 上边same? For example can I replace 上边in this sentence? 书上边没写着你的名字
Aug 3, 2019 6:58 PM
Answers · 3
1.they are the same meaning ;but I also say 我有事不能来了。 2.I also say 你吃/那么/这么/多对你不好。It is not good for you to eat so much. 3.You can omit /这么/那么/,and say (你)吃多了对你不好. 4.上and 上边 meaning are different。In China's localism they are the same . 书上边没写着你的名字/书上没写着你的名字/书上面没写着你的名字/。 上边用粗线条,下边用细线条。(use 上边 is clear,use 上 is blurry .
August 6, 2019
「这么多吃对你不好」in Chinese, we will say 「吃那么多对你不好」。
August 4, 2019
1) Yes. 2) Eating too much is not good for you. 3) Yes. Actually it's more natural to me. 4) Yes.
August 4, 2019
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