The difference between "patronize" and "mock" Hi! Could you explain with examples if there's any difference between using these words? Thank you!
Aug 9, 2019 8:40 AM
Answers · 1
Hi, yes there is for me, to patronise someone means to almost question their intelligence. So explaining something that is REALLY obvious, is quite patronising, or speaking to someone as if they are a child/idiot. Mocking, is to insult someone, another phrase we use in the UK is 'taking the piss', it can be both friendly and unfriendly. unfriendly- a stranger falls into a lampost - you 'LOOK AT THAT IDIOT HAHAHAHAHA' Friendly - your friend likes a girl/boy - you spend 15 minutes finding different ways to laugh at him. I hope that helps. Being patronised is very annoying!
August 9, 2019
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