How can I use “即时在线聊天”?I'm new,I can't get to know use it.Thnk you to answer me.
Feb 23, 2008 1:34 PM
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click the title,then pop out a small window with the text and video all functions page,then u just wait there for ur friend til u connect
March 4, 2008
I just said QQ
February 27, 2008
It's not allowed in office ,ok ? And we spend most of our time in the office. so we need a software which needn't installed ,for example ,on ie .
February 27, 2008
在每个人的个人页面都有一个即时聊天的选项,直接点击等待回应就可以了。 如果这个选项是灰色的,那就是此人的设置为不同非好友聊天,你可以先用站内信取得联系。
February 26, 2008
First, you and your friends should use a same IM software (skype, live messenger, qq, gtalk...). Then you should download that IM software from internet (For gtalk, you can use gmail instead). After that, you use install the software, register you own user name, run and log on the IM software. At last, you should add your friends' account to your account. Then you can talk with them.
February 24, 2008
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