crystal yss
What do they mean"drive-in banks,drive-in restaurants,drive-in churches and drive-in movies'' thanks for answers~
Feb 27, 2008 1:27 PM
Answers · 4
drive-in 不用下车办理事务的
February 28, 2008
There is a drive-in church in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.
February 28, 2008
Yes exactly as Mytch says , The drive -in term in general means where you can enter with your car and get any service done while seated inside ,but the drive-in church term is really peculiar ? Where did you get that term ?
February 27, 2008
Each of these are a bit different, I think. A drive through bank is a bank that has a window or machines on the outside that people can operate without leaving there car. A drive through at a restaurant is similar, they have a menu you can order from, and you pay and pick your food up from your car. This is usually with fast food restaurants. I'm not sure about drive in churches, to be honest. Never had those where I lived. Drive in movies were an older style movie experience that isn't very common anymore. The theater is built outdoor with a large screen, and people would pay and park there car near it and watch the movie from there car. These are very rare today, most theaters are now in buildings.
February 27, 2008
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