all my friends,could you tell me how you think about "divorce"。The divorce rate is very high now
Feb 29, 2008 12:50 PM
Answers · 3
Hi Julia.... = ) I think I agree mostly with Amanda in the fact that marriage needs to be thought through and that I don't approve of life-partners. However, I definitely feel, and I know because I've watched/studied the human race enough and my own parents are in the process of divorce, that one of the biggest reasons for divorce is how selfish everyone is!!! They hav lost what marriage is really about....one of the reasons being loving, respecting, and caring for and about their marriage partner in the right way. I've seen some many people, including my own father, get angry with their spouses because the person did not meet THEIR standards or wants or needs. What a lot of people need to do is get over themselves because the world doesn't revolve around them.....and start loving the person they said they would be with until death parted them. They don't the meaning of promises.....
February 29, 2008
i partly agree with harregarre's.but i also don't approve of "life-partners". it is right that people should think about it before getting married and if unfortunately,the family is unhappy,i support them to divorce. but i hope that will not happen more usually~~~
February 29, 2008
I suppose people should think about it before getting married. Maybe people marry too soon and regret it afterwards, or they find out that the other person isn't as great as you thought. Some people don't marry at all, they just live together and are registered as "life-partners". Anyway, it's better to divorce than to live an unhappy life, right?
February 29, 2008
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