What is a question not a question? f.e. How do you do it's not a question but a greeting. the correct response is to repeat the same question How do you do? f.e. If someone says at table Could you pass the milk? they will be very surprised if you answer Yes, I could. This is not a question but a request. What examples of questions which are not really questions do you know?
May 17, 2010 8:16 PM
Answers · 1
There are also rhetorical questions. These don't need an answer, as they are designed to answer themselves. Eg. "What responsible person would drive a car when drunk?" = silly question: no responsible person would drive when drunk. So the actual meaning is, only irresponsible people drive drunk. The idea of a rhetorical question is to play on the emotions and senses of the listener, and not the logic. What kind of an answer is this anyway?! ;)
May 18, 2010
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